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I need a smartphone

Guest manarak

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I need a business smartphone, but none of the devices available on the market appeal to me.

I currently have a samsung 7610, but it has the following problems:

- the interface is slow slow slow

- the keyboard is too small and has not enough keys

- the screen is too small

- the phone often temporarily locks up and becomes unresponsive

- the samsung interface is nice but doesn't display the info I want (like date & time of messages and of calls)

I have an old HTC Universal, also known as Qtek 1000 which would not be bad if it had batter battery life and was more stable. I don't care that it is a bit bulky. It doesn't lock up as often as the Samsung.

My dream features:

- native compatibility with Outlook Contacts and Calendar (this is a must)

- a keyboard like the HTC universal's

- a 800x600 touchscreen

- native WinMo interface

- system stability & good responsiveness

are there any options for a good business smartphone out there?

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