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Android 2.1 Update From LG

Guest mixlis

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Guest ThornInMySide
Hello! I would like a help! Download the driver for installation ... in which everything was fine but for GREECE had a problem with this network! I made the mistake of reinstalling the 1.6 to 2.1 as I was and then the lg gt 540 optimus necrosis! is lit and stops on its brand lg!!

I would like help;;


Read this thread, the answers are in there: http://android.modaco.com/content/lg-gt540...ference-thread/

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Guest addak

1. Download Kdz Updater

2. Download the V20Baltics or Greek V20a firmware

3. Download and install LGAndroidDriver(If you had installed Pc suite or Lg mobile update tool, skip this )

4. Important

  • On the phone: Settings => Applications =>Development(its the last option)=>USB debugging(the first option).A pop up will appear saying this option is for developers and blabla.... press ok
    this setting will allow content to be copied in ROM, meaning that you can install android 2.1 to phone
  • Uncheck mass storage on the phone's sd card settings

    6. Now close all open windows on pc you dont wanna neither KDZ Updater failure nor pc crash during the update
    7. Run the flasher itself:(Click on the buttons to enable them)

    • -Select type 3GQCT
    • -PhoneMode DIAG
    • -Specify path to firmware(Its recommended to put the firmware on desktop)
    • -Press start and wait for notice of termination

    *On win 7 run launcher as admin

    During the update phone's screen get blue.When update ends the phone restarts with the new firmware automatically.

    Make sure the phone has enough battery and dont unplug the usb cable

    Use it on your own.


    Special thanks to @acolozarov and androidfun.ru

    after download we need to open the file

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