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Help: No data after upgrade to 2.1

Guest johnleaf

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First off: I have been a reading for a wee bit and have been avidly taking note of the progress with 2.1. The GT 540 is a reasonable phone for a low price, so deserves a little attention.

The reason I post here today is because my phone can no longer pull data from the tesco (o2) after upgrading to 2.1 from 1.6 (cpw model). I am not quite sure what I did wrong, or if anyone has experiences like this, however it still connects to send and recieve calls and texts. If it helps, under the network it lists GSM/WCDMA (which seems odd to me as I know cdma is north america only). I installed via the kdw install method and chose 3GQCT (should I have chosen 3gqct smartphone?)

Many thanks in advance for any help offered

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