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Data timeouts after update to 2.1 Baltic

Guest Jacowannabe

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Guest Jacowannabe


Flashed my GT540 to the Baltic 2.1 yesterday, and all is well except for one thing - unfortunately a crucial one. Here's what happens:

* If I've only just activated Mobile Data, all is fine. I can surf and download just like normal as long as I keep going all the time; but with really long response times if I hit a link (compared to how it was with 1.6). If I wait about half a minute though... because I'm reading a web page or whatever... the data connection is lost. Sometimes hitting "try again" is enough, but mostly not.

* When this happens, I can switch over to Wifi briefly and then back to mobile networking again. This reactivates mobile data and I can use it for a while again, but again with response times that are so long that I often have to hit "try again" because of timeouts.

* On Wifi, however, all is well!

* Yes, I have the correct APN settings - distributed to me over the air by my carrier (3 Sweden).

- OH - forgot to mention - it also eats battery like crazy, supposedly because of this constant search for data networks...

I have a feeling this could be some sort of settings issue, but I can't find a setting that seems like a plausible candidate... Anyone?


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