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Guest coma11

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Guest coma11

:) ;)After talking to TOSHIBA toady and after communicating with them through emails

for more than a week this is the answer I got from them all:

"but unfortunately we cannot provide spare parts outside our repair center"

let me explain what is so "unfortunate" in a global company that does not sell parts for its devices:

I need to send the device to the place I bought it (UK) in an insured express mail AND I am also paying on the back delivery

I will take a day off to pass in the tax office lines in order to fill the papers so they will not to stop my device and ask for taxes of it again.

It is also very "unfortunate" that if the defect will not be covered by warranty Toshiba will get some extra money from my pocket and not any other lab in the world which is not owned by the company =)

Think about a world where you bought a car that were manufactured in japan and you need to send the car!! to japan!!! for a lamp =)

because the company is as just as greedy as Toshiba and they

"cannot provide spare parts outside our repair center"

by the way...If you wanna know I called my garage today to ask them if I want to buy a part from them if this is a problem...not a lamp...an entire gear box!! they said no problem and gave me the price.

I own a laptop...Called the company and told them I need some spare parts...my computer is 1 month old and they gave me the prices but mentioned this may harm my warranty...

So other companies would sell me even a hammer to smash my device if I want it as long as I understand that this harms/cancels my warranty

But not Toshiba.

they will make sure I will fix it under their roof so my 1$ will go to them and not to any other person in the world.

I just needed the micro usb female...

we have enough HTC labs that can do it here in Israel

but just because Toshiba needs my 1$

(yes yes!!! this is how much the part costs for devices like HTC HD2 or HTC DESIRE you can even get it in 5/20 packs on ebay just like any other part you want for an HTC device)

I need to pay 160$ (postage+the perfect day off in order to go and fill the forms)

So goes the global concept in Toshiba...and here comes their small greedy village =)

I am not sure I will fix my device...I think of just letting it rot in the drawer.

I feel sorry for the unlucky person to buy it from me here or in any other part of the world that Toshiba don't have a repair center for the TG01.

maybe I will try my luck on ebay.

Learn From my story...Ban Toshiba!!! :( :P

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Guest LeSScro

Shame On Toshiba... device work but politic about device is very strange and offuscated....

i agree with you... next i will buy an HTC or an Asus for sure... no problem with this two manufacturer...

Peace bro'...


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Guest coma11

If I wasn't such an idiot I would buy the HD2 as I planned on the first place...

Ebay is full of original parts so I had no problem right now

The labs here on Israel can easily get any part needed so even when I choose to get service it is not a problem

it is unbelievable...The first time such a thing happened to me in my life.

no one can fix my device but Toshiba because no one can get the parts...They are worse than Apple!!

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