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Galaxy S arriving tomorrow, now I am worried

Guest Bluearmy73

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Guest Bluearmy73

I am taking delivery of my Galaxy tomorrow. I was really looking forward to it, but now I have read problems with Lag and the GPS.

I use GPS for tracking my running on certain fitness apps (Marathon training before anyone asks) and now I read that it isnt so hot.

I was getting this to finally leave my iphone 3gs. Sick of having my hands tied for customising.

Are there any real fixes available for this or any in the pipeline?

Maybe I am best to trade it for a Desire?

This is my first post here and I hope to learn plenty. Thanks for any help

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Guest Speckles

There was an update to fix the GPS, it'll probably be rolled into the 2.2 update, if we ever get it.

There are community updates for the lag.

The iPhone3GS is fine for customising, once you jail break it. Maybe you should return the SGS and hack the iPhone for a bit to see if you like it more then. The 3GS is still a very usable phone, more so than the 3GS in some cases (No lag fixes needed, no GPS fixes needed, etc...)

I certainly wouldn't replace a 3GS with a SGS just yet.

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Don't worry, The Galaxy is far better than the 3GS, if you apply the JM9 rom, even without customizing the lag is barely noticeable, and the GPS is ok now.

If you feel a little lag just download the "one click lag fix" from the market.

The galaxy has the best looking screen of any smart phone in the world now and after the lame 320X480 on the 3GS it will look like heaven.

Sure we bitch and moan about the galaxy but only cause we want it to reach its potential.

After using it for two days when I got it, I couldn't even look at my iPhone 3GS's screen anymore, it felt outdated and blurry.

true the 2.2 might delay for another 30 days but at least it will come out fixed and well made.

I use the JPK rom of 2.2 and its already pretty awesome.

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Guest AXIS of Reality

Seriously don't worry, you'll love it.

I'd suggest the first thing you do be download LauncherPro or ADW Launcher from the market to get rid of Samsung's ugly homescreens, and you'll be able to customise the hell out of it! =)

As has been said, download JM9 or JM1 Rev3 and if you feel some lag use Voodoo (xda forum has it) or One Click Lag Fix (OCLF) from the Android Market. Fixed!

Try going to Google and typing 'iPhone is' and see the search suggestions - people post when they're unhappy, but don't feel the need to post anything when they are happy.

The centre for Galaxy S discussion, customisation, themes, hacking, etc with tens of thousands of posts is at XDA Developers forum: http://forum.xda-developers.com/forumdisplay.php?f=656

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