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Guest puneet laade

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Guest puneet laade

Now, Ive owned the galaxy S for a few weeks now, and I love it. Its a really great phone. However, I am having 1 issue that I cant find anything about online and its really frustrating, and has happened twice now in the space of 2 weeks. Basically, ill use my phone, sending texts and receiving them, and then suddenly, I will look and all of my text conversations have been wiped! It just says no conversations. I am a heavy texter and I use my conversations for reference alot, and its really frustrating when I go back to my phone and everything (over 5000 messages) have been deleted. Is this an issue anyones heard of or does it sound like an issue with my handset?

Also, if this is a known issue, does any android users out there have any good way of backing up your text conversations or ideally the whole phone, so when something like this does happen, you can just restore like you can on the iphone?

Thanks guys.

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