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Some Google goodies for Froyo (Desk Clock, Genie Widget, Car Home, Music)

Guest frauhottelmann

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I have pulled some Google apps from the latest Cyanogen Mod and tried them on my SGS running Froyo (JP6). They are running fine, so I thought, I should share them with you!


- you can install them like normal apps (just open the apks)

- for car home you'll need to install both apks

- for the desk clock you'll probably also need the genie widget (for weather)


- the music tab in desk clock doesn't do anything (check the 2nd post)

Some pictures:


(BTW: I modified the first shortcut, as well as the 5th one :P you can choose whatever you want there)


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OK, the stock music app is working, but you'll have to replace the galaxy s music app.

Instructions (with Root Explorer):

- Go to system/app and move Musicplayer.apk and MusicPlayer.odex to a backup folder (somewhere on you SD)(if it doesn't work, click the "Mount R/W" button at the top)

- copy Music.apk to system/app

- click and hold until the menu opens up, click permissions and change them to the following:


And that's it! Works now with the desk clock app (but you might want to reboot)!



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