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Guest PaulF

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Anyone else using this?

Mostly seems pretty good, but just tried to use it to leav some feedback this morning, and the 'star ratings' are far too small for me to use (on a mozart screen) - they occasionally respond to a touch - but nowhere near accurately enough to actually choose the star you want.

Anyone got an HD7 (or something else bigger) - is it useable on there? (I doubt it, as the starts are tiny)

Maybe this is why you can buy a 'capacitive stylus' from ebay? - just so you can use their app ?? :)

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Guest awarner

The images for popular searches when you first load the app are such a low resolution they are hard to make out.

Seems to work ok though and is certainly usable on the HD7 from the initial tests I have done.

OK tried leaving feedback but the stars you can not access the stars it seems :/ hope they fix that in an update.

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