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Bluetooth - tfr files / pair with another phone

Guest PaulF

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Anyone managed to get Bluetooth working between a WP7 phone and another phone to transfer files?

I've just tried from my wife's Samsung phone and my old Win6.1 (Xperia) - and neither will work.

Trying to transfer files from another phone to my Mozart (which is visible) just results in an error, and trying to 'pair' the phones form the Mozart seems to work (set up PIN, enter PIN on other phone) but then Mozart just says 'Not Supported'. (The Xperia seemed to think it had paired succesfully, but still failed on file transfer).

Looks like the WP7 bluetooth software may have some bugs in it......

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Yep failed with my Omnia2 as well.

I've been trying to transfer my contacts from my Focus to my car's Bluetooth hands free system. I can't find where to even go to in order to begin the send contacts operation. Any suggestions?



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