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Calendar Sync

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I have set up my SGS to receive email & Calendar info from my companies corporate Outlook (exchange servers) and receiving email and Calender entries works. fine.

However any Calendar entries I make on the SGS are not propagated upwards to Outlook server ?

In Calendar > calendar Sync both Background data and Auto sync are enabled.

and if I click on the corporate account both sync contact & sync calendar are ticked.

Is there anything else I need to set.

I have the phone set up via WiFi at home .... and it is a good signal, receiving email & calendar 'inputs' no problem.

I have also tested with contacts and likewise only syncs 'downwards' towards phone.

If I go to account settings and press 'sync now' ..... it completes the action no problem, but nothing received on corporate account.

I previously had a Smart Phone working no problem with Corp account ... but that was using Active Sync.

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I might be wrong, but I thought upward syncing of Calendar information only worked for Google products, so you sync'ed with Google and then had another piece of software which sync'd both directions between Google<->Outlook.

Or at least that's what I've heard.

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