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Simple GPS Route Tracking software

Guest PaulF

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I'm sure we're all waiting for the 'proper' navigation software to arrive for WP7 (anyone any ideas when Orange Maps will go live?)

But in the meantime, I could do with a very simple GPS tracking app that will allow me to go walking out in the forest, and find my way back to the car.

I've downloaded most of the free or trial apps from Zune, but they all seem to require access to a data connection to display a map. I understand that the alternative is a local cached map (like TomTom) which is a problem, but I need something where the map is optional.

There is very patchy data coverage out in the forest around here (to be honest, the coverage is not great in the villages), but GPS is generally pretty good. I don't see why the app couldn't show your location, and either a plot of your route, or simply a direction and distance back to a saved location (i.e. where your car is). regardless of a map.

I've looked at many 'GPS' apps and 'Where's my car' apps, but all seem to require a data connection (apart from one GPS app that doesn't, but it requires you to enter your target location in degrees mins and secs, and doesn't give you an option to 'save' a current location).

There's one called 'Smartrunner' that looks possible, but all the reviews say it's crap and doesn't actually run on Wp7

Also, I'm guessing that it's the developer's choice to include a trial version of paid software (as not all of them do) - I'm very reluctant to pay for anything at this stage (as so many of the apps don't seem to work that well on all phones). - What does eveeryone else think?

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Guest awarner

I'm waiting for Bing maps to do the navigation, which I've not tried in the car yet but as a static planner it seems to run ok.

TomTom or CoPilot would be good to have and I'm sure they are working on something (hopefully) But you do need a try before you buy with something like that as it has to be user friendly.

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