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03/Nov r2: G2 Google Goggles Remover

Guest PaulOBrien

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As promised, this is a fully working proof of concept of removing items from /system on NAND / EMMC locked devices with only temproot / root.

This application removes the stock Google Goggles install on the T-Mobile G2, which is useful because the stock Goggles install cannot be updated. DOH! Further 'stock app removal' utilities will follow.


  • This application is only for the T-Mobile G2
  • Temproot is required to run
  • Uninstall after use
  • The device will reboot twice during the removal process


The application is downloadable now from the Android Market - search for 'G2'.

Enjoy! :)



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Well, it's pretty neat... the stock recovery deletes update zips when it's finished with them... so I tell it to run /system/app/GoogleGoggles.apk as an update zip... which it tries to do. Then deletes it. And reboots. :)

Job done.

Genius no? :)


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Guest rhcp011235
Amazing Paul! I cant wait to use this! The G2 source is out :), maybe something is lurking in there to be exploited for root access?

Why dont you come join us @ irc.freenode.net #g2root and help out. This is a great great start. Come over.

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Guest wilnotdie

Hi Paul, if you get a chance, could you post steps/files to revert the changes to goggles.

I'm hoping to reinstall the original goggles app and then install the OTA. Without losing all my stuff reverting to stock.


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