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Downgrading from Froyo OTA

Guest PaulOBrien

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Hi guys, I need a big help.

I followed the procedure to downgrade the Htc Legend from Froyo, unfortunately while i was in windows's terminal and I typed crackin.bat the terminal replied me c---rw---- 1 1001 2002 90, 0 jul 19 16:19 /dev/mtd/mtd0

I tried to restart my device or to clearing the phone to factory settings but my device now doesnt' get a signal.

Did i brick my device? :lol:

How i can solve this situation?

Thanks in advacnce

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Greet tutorial~~~Work perfectly for me!! Thanks You

My Legend Hast Updated to Asia 2.2 and come with HBOOT 1.001...I has successful downgrade using 1.31 RUU..

Surprising is when i downgrade to 1.31 there HBOOT still remain at 1.001

Now i become 1.001 with ROOT :P :D :huh:

Hallo brother

Can you tell me...tutorial..step by step..... has successful downgrade your Legend..cause I new on android :P

I hope u can tell it


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Guest raushan
Thanks to Paul with this tutorial i´ve solved the HBOOT problem that unable install Froyo rooted for me.

This is a HOW TO that i´ve made for help all people who has this problem.


In spanish and english.


the site is in spanish how to get the english version...... plzzz help

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Guest JoePhanDro
For some reason it isnt working for me when I enter this in CMD:

Microsoft Windows [versie 6.0.6002]

Copyright © 2006 Microsoft Corporation. Alle rechten voorbehouden.

C:\Users\Gebruiker>cd c:\AndroidSDK\tools\

c:\AndroidSDK\tools>adb shell

$ su


su: permission denied

$ su



What Am I doing wrong? I am not getting any messages on my device:S

Help me please!

Thanks in Advance


Edit:Yeah! I downgraded and rooted it! Thanks very much Paul! Gl with ur other tuts.


i have the same Problem Like Tomm3rd. Can someone help me?


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Guest protum

Thank You, Paul!

I successfully downgraded my legend to 1.31

To the others, if you have hard 2.2 and soft 3.5, and you can not install visionary r13, try to install r14

from here

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If (like me) you got flashed the Legend Froyo OTA and now you can't downgrade, you can do the following..

- Follow this guide to the end (the last stage will appear to have failed)

- Temproot with VISIONary r13 (install the downloaded file as per a normal APK)

- Once you are temprooted, connect via 'adb' and do 'su' (to get root) then '/data/local/flash_image misc /data/local/misc1-2.img'

You should then be able to downgrade in the normal way.

You try this at your own risk... I successfully did this on my device, but of course YMMV. :rolleyes:


Paul, used the visionary+ method above, many many thanks for the guide

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