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Revert back to stock S-ON

Guest SozzaSinnian

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Guest SozzaSinnian

Can someone please advice. I need to revert my phone back to it's original state as the screen has developed stuck pixels so I need to get my handset replaced. It did have one in the corner when I bought it but it was only visible on a black screen that didn't fill the area which was only every so often. Seems it has decided to multiply :'(

Now if I follow the guide for getting S-Off but instead use the following command to switch it back on, will that do the trick? (Changed of= to on=)

# dd if=/data/local/hboot_7230_0.84.2000_100908.nb0 on=/dev/block/mmcblk0p18

Then I presume I can do a factory reset and everything will be returned to the way it was when I bought it?

EDIT: Removed bold quotes from 'code' what the hell was I thinking lol

EDIT2: Seems if I flash "RUU_Vision_HTC_WWE_1.34.405.5_Radio_12.28b.60.140e _26.03.02.26_M" It will revert everything for me, S-On, Stock Bootloader & Firmware! Downloading to try now.

EDIT3: Yup that did the trick nicely :rolleyes:

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