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[BUILD] MCCM SE V3.4 (FroyoStone Sense) [kernel Hastarin r8.5] (27.11.10)


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Android by mccmjoon76


What has improved : on v3.4

-kernal r8.5 (better battery life)

- ril wrapper for ppp (more stable data connection)

-keyboard with voice-text

-Will keep it pure as it can be no customization (Remove the zeam luncher)

Note : just place the data img (1gb) into 'Android folder' if u want faster BOOTING .

Or if u already using v3.3 version ,just copy the data img from last build into se 3.4 'Android folder' and booting. u will not lost all your setting.

What still need to improve :

Camcorder 720p .now is (800x480)

MCCM SE V3.4(Booting take 5 to 10 minute max)

download v3.4

Whats work:

Almost Every things works

Now the camera 5mp without 'cloud'

Now the sound is loud enough

Now all very smooth And Fast

NO Freeze or SOD

LED lights

Youtube HD

3G connection Fast

Wifi hot spot

Usb data connection




All other items working like other build

Include 1 GB data.img for faster BOOTING.

Download V3.3

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