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[BUILD](Nov.22.10)FRG83_Droid Incredible_Remix V2.0 (Kernel MDJ S6)


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Android by motoman234


Changelog V2.0 (Nov.22)

-Fixed green tint camera issue (experimental)

-Updated system resource

-Updated system wallpapers

-Changed boot animation

This is a build based on M-deejay's froyo INC build with some graphic and system tweak changes done. You may be asking what the difference between this and the other froyo INC builds out there. I try to customize my builds to make them look different from others. I was making this build for me to use but I figured it would be selfish if I didn't share

Droid_Incredible_Remix V2.0 features

- Based on Android FRG83 2.2.1 update

- Full 5mp camera with zoom

- Green camera tint fixed

- PPP only

- Working LED's

- Very loud sound

- DSP manager

- ril_wrapper from letama for better data connection

- Using M-deejays S6 kernel (Very stable for me)

- 4-8mA in standby

- Updated graphics

- Added spare parts

- Removed all Verizon apps

- Removed most bloatware

- Others I am forgetting, will post them as I remember.

- A lot more features and changes to theme to come!

What's working?

- Everything that is working in other builds

What's not working?

- Multilanguage seems to be buggy.


- A work around for the green tint in pictures is to go to camera settings and under "white balance" choose "Incandescent". EDIT: V2.0 doesn't have this problem.


- Extract build to your desktop

- Place "Android" folder on the root of your SD card

- With keypad lights on, run "CLRCAD.exe" then "haret.exe"

- First boot will take up to 10-15 minutes unless you used a data.img below

First boot setup

- I recommend waiting 5 minutes before unlocking the screen the first time on first boot. Everything seems to go a lot smoother that way. You may experience one com.phone.android force close, this is normal and you should only see once.

Download Remix V2.0

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