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reboot when temperature over 30C

Guest nachotisnes

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Hello everyone,

I've been following the topics in this forum, you've been really helpful in getting to know my pulse.

However, now I'm having a problem I haven't been able to solve :)

I installed FLB ROM version 1.6 a while ago, and had no problems with it, until at some point it started rebooting randomly. I tried flashing different ROMs to see if it was a software problem (unfourtunately I cannot for some reason return to the original ROM, after flashing it it gets stuck while booting).

After some time, I noticed the random reboots where asociated with moments when the temperature was particularly high. I thought it may be an overclocking problem (even though I never consiously overclocked my phone), but then I noticed that when the room temperature is really high (or the phone is in direct sunlight) it will reboot even if it isn't being used.

What caught my attention es that these reboots occur when the temperature is a little over 30C... My only theories so far are:

1) My phone is bricked beyond repair

2) The battery is somehow damaged and fails in this condition.

3) The phone controls that the temperature doesn't go beyond some limit, but somehow that limit got changed somehow and is now a little over 30C.

Has anyone had problems like these? Could you solve them?

If you can, I could use what your device's temperature is under heavy usage B)

Thanks in advance!

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Hello everybody,

I have a very similar problem with my pulse. It reboots randomly, especially when an application is using a lot of cpu or when air temperature is high. Unfortunaltly I cannot use the t-mobile guarantee and make them repair the phone (cause I bought it on ebay and I don´t have receipt :-( ). Does someone have another solution?

How can I get crash log, after my pulse reboot accidentally? Maybe I could get some usefull informations...

Or maybe someone has a good trick to get anyway the guarantee?

Thanks by advance

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