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New official firmware from samsung: I8000NXJJ1

Guest Speedfrog

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Guest esuarez

Hi everyone,

Pardon me if I'm in the wrong section, i just wanted to ask some information regarding ROM for i8000, i have already read some information on how to flash i8000, however i was still hesitant in doing the upgrade since i was not yet able to choose which ROM is better, actually the reason why i wanted to upgrade was original firmware was so slow and GPS locking really sucks i just could not lock on to any satellite, can someone recommend me which rom is faster and has good gps locking with good & useful features of course.

My current device version is:

PDA: 18000NXXJC4



Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional

CE OS 5.2.21895(build 21895.5.0.90)

Also another question since my device is already at windows 6.5 i should'nt flash my eboot to keep it safe right since it is already at 6.5 version.

Hope you can help me.

Thank you very much.

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Guest luke_soul

Hi Guys,

I dont know if Im in the right section, I am a beginner and want to learn; How to Upgrade Samsung OmniaII i8000 Software(OS)/Firmware/ROM?

I have a Samsung OmniaII i8000, when I bougth it the running OS is WM6.1,

its kinda boring so i decided to upgrade to WM6.5 with the help of a friend(tech guy).

When I check it the home interface is a bit different to what I saw in the search engine,

its was a HTC interface, I ask my friend if he have a official WM6.5 for omniaII, unfortunately he does not have.

Now since this is the case, I decided to do this my self, so far what I got from seaching is this Jack_Windows_Mobile_6_5_Upgrade.

My Questions:

1.) does Jack_Windows_Mobile_6_5_Upgrade is the right upgrade for OmniaII

here are the WM6.5 OmniaII interface I am looking for:


2.) what tools/sofware should I need to do the Upgrading?

My Current OS with HTC Interface: windows mobile 6.5 Professional, OS Version: 5.2.21911 Build 21911.5.0.94

Please... Please... Please help me!

I will gladly appreciare your help.

Thanks in advance guys.

***I am running a MS windows 7 32bits in my Computer.

How to Upgrade Samsung OmniaII i8000 Software(OS)/Firmware/ROM?

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Guest Speedfrog

Searching is a very good feature in this forum :)

Use this guide to flash/install the ROM you want, look in the ROM section and find a rom you want.

read this to understand what the diffrent parts are if you want.

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Guest thund3r

I'm always wondering what is better - 6.5 or 6.5.3

a want to use all samsung apps and the touch wiz... i find them really usefull - especially the memo on the homescreen.

But with an official rom I can't get more than <60 MB RAM and it's draining really fast...

With 6.5.3. I cannot launch open GL apps right ?

So if I want a relativly stable, fast rom with enough ram would you recommend me this or the previous one that is 6.5.3. ?

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Guest water-color

Flashed with this ROM. It's faster than my original I8000IJ9. But i found one thing missing in this. That is the Anniversary input, where i can schedule alarms of my ones birthdays, marriage anniversaries so on. I can not find that function in it. If it is in this then where if not then can i get it?

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Guest Modar23

Hi Guys

I learn from this site alot big thanks for you all ;)

Now Iam trying to download this firmware but the link dont wrok can U help Me :blush:

Thanks a lot SPEEDFROG, regards

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Guest umer427

hi speedfrog

i used octan mini to flash only csc and .mst parts only (for the sake of safe flashing)...everything went fine...octan showed job done message...but my phone is stuck on "language setup..dont turn off..it takes about 10 minutes"

i waited for ages...i restarted the phone but it is still stuck...please i need your urgent help

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Guest umer427

after i press the "detect" button, nothing happens....now octan is giving me this error...

Select PDA file is incorrected. 3

[CSC] ----------------- Information of Multi CSC Image ------------------

[CSC] File Name:[i8000PROJJ1.csc]

[CSC] FileSize:[0x22de87]

[CSC] TotalBlockCnt:[0x12]

[setup] Windows XP

[setup] Download Ram Size :41777920 bytes,(39 MB)

OnDeviceChange \\?\USB#VID_04E8&PID_6619#5&9976baa&0&5#{25dbce51-6c8f-4a72-8a6d-b54c2b4fc835}

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Guest Speedfrog

Omnia II Hard Reset

1. Turn OFF the phone;

2. Press VolumeUp and Lock buttons (do not release);

3. Press Call/Green and then HangUp/Red (do not release all buttons);

4. Phone should Vibrate and turn on;

5. Count to 3 and release all buttons;

You will have a choice to FORMAT or CANCEL the operation.

(you will lose all personal data by this)

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