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Tab died within a day - refunded :(

Guest Dayzee

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Got me a Tab yesterday from currys £448.99 - if only retailers realised how tempting it is - in the days of Internet shopping - to just be able to Click And Collect in store - Anyway, was lovely to have a play.

Rooting was amazingly easy with SuperOneClick

Got Kies and installed, then used that to upgrade firmware to the latest.

Then used Super One Click again as root was gone.

Played with itlast night without incident, root was fine and so was new upgrade.

Then, while a quick game of solitaire this a.m. I drank some tea, Screen went off on sleep, and then

Well, it was dead. Wouldn't come on at all, Plugged charger in - no luck - left it charging an hour, no luck - Since it was so new I just packaged it right back up and sent it back - got a full refund.

Just stating what happened. Shame, but to bew honest, it was bought on a whim to cheer me up and I guess it was a bit of an extravagance, so instead of an exchange I got a refund.

Dayz xx

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Guest Bisto321
The display unit in the Orange shop today was also cooked.

Yes, the one in Phones4U in Aylesbury was also borked - is this a worrying trend? Wonder how many others have died in their sleep?

Also, Dayz, sorry you needed cheering up and had to spend £448 on tech to do it. Wish my wife would buy tech instead of f***ing chocolate and shoes ;)

Hope you are better today and don’t spend the refund on chocs and shoes.

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