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Newbie: Help request on Wm6.5 Login form and app kill

Guest Frans B

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Guest Frans B

Hi guys,

I'm new here and also new to writing apps.

But I got to writing an app. for my HTC TP2

I only can't get 2 things 2 work.

To close the app when started if a certain (preconfigured date is passed)

and to use a code to login.

See my request on msdn which did not help me out yet (it's marked as solved though)

MSDN request

If someone is willing to help.

I created a similar program in Visual Studio 2008 C# which i can mail on request so only the right code can be added.

(edit: attached to message)

I Hope someone can help, been busy with these 2 questions for quite some time

Thankz in advance

Note: If i'm wrong here, please guide me where to find my answer, as google and different forumsearches did not help me out



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Guest Frans B

Alvast bedankt voor het reageren. (..... :) )

Is er dan misschien iemand die mij kan vertellen waar ik deze vraag beantwoord kan krijgen of die zin heeft om er naar te kijken.

Alvast fijne kerstdagen en goede jaarwisseling.


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