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Remove T-mobile logo in startup

Guest wiimourad

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Guest wiimourad

Hello all

I buyed a htc desire hd from a german shop.

the mobile is with T-mobile brand,and when it startup or reboot it appear t-mobile logo and takes too much time to boot or reboot.

how can remove those logo?

I already rooted my desire hd.

Hope for a response :)


Sry for my bad english.!

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Guest sizem
Was looking for the same thing.

This worked for me perfectly:


I'm having no joy at all here - I'm running a rooted htc desire hd with cyanogen 7, S is OFF, i'm defo using a bmp file with the right pixel dimensions and at 24bit. The program does it's thing, says '...i has completed your splash flashing' but when it reboots i've still got the t-mobile screen coming up.

Any takers? i'm flummoxed if i know whats going on.
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