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Galaxy S receives Gingerbread port from the Nexus S?

Guest bearded1

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Guest bearded1

i'm on contract with Orange.. it seems Oranges get the 2.2 at sooooome point in January and am sick of the wait! I think o2 has it, T-Mobile, 3, probably Vodaphone?.. and then i was looking around and saw this!:

..'courtesy of supercurio over on the xda-developers forum, who has ported the hot new phone's Android 2.3 install over to its Samsung forefather, the Galaxy S. The port is described as being unmodified from the Nexus S original, although quite a few basic functions like voice, WiFi, and GPS (insert joke about Galaxy S GPS woes) aren't yet operational. All the same, we agree with supercurio that it's looking "super smooth"..

OMG! - maybe that nice Paul chap could look into this?

full blurb on the link:


links to:


sorry if this post is in the wrong place etc :)

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