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Froyo on I9000B - Some important questions

Guest c3p9

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I just installed Froyo on my Brazilian SGS (I9000B - the one with Digital TV).

It's a 2.2 JPA installation.

After installing the device became buggy and laggy so I have a couple of questions:

1) I've read that hard resetting might solve some problems. Can I use the internal backup/restore function? I've read it backs up both the app and it's settings. I've tried Titanium Backup but it's rather complex and I ended up loosing everything.

2) Is One Click Lag Fix useful? I've installed it but the device is still laggy.

3) I've read a lot of good things about VooDoo but it seems there is some kernel update involved. What is the difference between a ROM and a Kernel update. Wouldn't it mess up my phone since it's a I9000B with the digital tv?

Where can I find a JPA Kernel? Or can I update to JU?

4) I've having problems with: swype (force closing sometimes) and wifi (cannot connect to WPA enabled belkin router...

Sorry for bothering with so many questions. Generally I used to answer more but my free time is now to support my little daughter.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot! :)

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