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[31-12-2010][WWE-SPA-FRA-ITA] ESROM R4 Lite (JH2)

Guest michyprima

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Hi. I downloaded the spanish version and the radio doesn't work. I mean, it finds all the frequences but there isn't sound. (Yes, I plugged the headphones; touch player and wndows player work well, with sound). Apart from this the rom works well.

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Very Great ROM ! I really like it but there are a few things I 'd like to be diferrent, if there's a way to make me happy hehe please do it

The HTC dialer, I'd like to have the option to record the phone call, I saw a rom with this dialer and had it.

I think that one of your previous versions had the WinRar installed

When you end a call of an unknown number (for your contact list) and it says that if you wish to save it, that doesn't works.

And I'd rather the menu in rows, I've seen a menu with 4 rows, it's awesome.

The rotation seems not to work, In another rom I saw that "twus" put the rotation in a boton ( boton 2 holded )

The rotation is important in some cases.

Everything else is very awesome .

Thanks Really.

PD: I use the spanish version but it doesn't matter if this could be done only in english.. If this is possible I would aprreciate it.. Thanks.


In the Spanish Version the FlashLight doesnt' works.

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