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[ROMs]AMDZero Omnia 2 (i920) 6.5/6.5.5 Testing

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Hey AMDZero!! Great work on this ROM. I have been using it since it came out obviously and no problems yet with this ROM on my phone! :) My only question is how do I get my phone to work with Zune so I can download the apps off the marketplace... or is that only for windows 7 phones?? They changed the marketplace at www.windowsphone.com and makes you have use Zune to download apps now... I have the marketplace installed on my phone and everything else that I have seen that may help but Zune still just says No Device Connected but I can use Windows Media Player to sync music to my phone... any advice would be helpful :) The only app that I am looking for is "iheartradio" but can't find a cab file to download it.

I do not use marketplace, and unfortunetly iheartradio does not have a windows mobile app. Only WP7, Android, iOS, BB...


I'm not sure there is a workaround for zune with marketplace.

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