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HTC Evo 4G:speaker blown--ways to kill the eov 4g speaker problem

Guest lee_bruice

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Guest lee_bruice

Do you often listen to the Pandora/Slacker radio? Have you configurated ringtones on your evo 4g? Do you often watch Youtube videos and Sprint TV with the volume set to the maximum?

Opps… the evo 4g often gets into a huff at this leisure moment by blowing out noisy sound. There must be problems with the evo 4g loud speakers

I am just so damned frustrated with the whole process that I ordered and paid for replacement loud speakers several times... 4 months.... 4 loud speakers... and I also took it to Sprint and they spent about 40 minutes checking it out. Then the tech told me that the key bug was too much apps run on the phone…

So weird and so frustrated! The hardware should exceed the capabilities of anything the end-user could put it through, shouldn’t it?

So, I did a statistic work on several forums and found a noticeable amount of complaints about the evo 4g loud speaker. Generally, this occurs when the phone is ringing (when calling someone) and when people are talking during the call. It is most likely to happen when the volume is set over 50 %( even only over 30 %) of the maximum volume…

I was wondering if this is a hardware problem rather than a software problem. So I ordered an evo 4g speaker replacement from a cellular phone parts supplier named GlobalDirectParts ( you must be heard of these guys. They are really so hot recently for leaking out iPhone 5 parts). Their techs also provide me the following information and possible causes for the frustrating evo 4g speaker bugs:

1. Might be the quality problem of the evo 4g speaker

2. The inherent problem with the evo 4g motherboard. When the current frequency exceeds the limit that the motherboard could stand, the loud speaker will get wrong. For example, there may be no sound or noisy sound from the speaker.

3. The third possibility may be a universal one with many HTC handsets: too many static. The more times you use the handset, the more static will be caused, thus more noise from the speakers

After explaining the three possible causes, the GlobalDirectParts guys highly recommended the following way to reduce the static: insert a small piece of wire to the earphone jack, and hold the other end of the wire in one of your hand, and at the same time, put the other hand against the wall. In this way, the static can be eliminated.

But if your evo 4g has any quality problem, you may have to replace the loud speaker.

So how about your evo 4g speaker?


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