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ZTE-Blade Battery Life

Guest Roger-S

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Guest Roger-S

Hi All,

I'm fairly new to this forum having treated myself to an Orange San Francisco at Christmas which I flashed with the Japanese Jellyfish RLS4-Lite ROM (which was the latest version available at the time) after reading the excellent instructions in this forum. I'm finding my way around the phone and Android in general which is a mega leap forward from my Nokia 6680! I do however have some concerns on battery life which I'm hoping someone here could answer. If I charge the phone and leave it overnight with nothing extra running (no WiFi, GPS, Sync or anything) it will drop to around 80% capacity by the morning. If I use any of the phone features like email over WiFi or bluetooth connection to my car, or just generally play with the phone, the battery seems to run down quite quickly. Initially the battery use info from the phone was saying that the display was the big hitter so I set the brightness to "auto" which seems to have helped but when I finally swap over to using the SF as my main phone (I'm just using up the Orange internet and call credit at the moment so just playing with it) I am concerned that it won't last for a day if I use it for email, GPS or anything else. Can other owners tell me what kind of battery life they are getting and whether there is any difference between the various ROMs that I could flash it with? Having got it set up I'm not keen to re-flash as I assume I'd have to go through configuring all my network and email stuff again and re-install swype as well as the various apps I've already downloaded from Android Market. Any tips to make the battery last longer would be appreciated.

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