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Soft keyboard opening with hard keyboard.

Guest Sh4d0w940

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Guest Sh4d0w940

I've bought a Desire Z a few days ago and it's been working fine so far.

However I just tried to calibrate the soft keyboard and when I slide out the hardware keyboard now the soft keyboard opens :S

I've tried removing the calibration profile but it still opens and I also can't close the soft keyboard.

If I close the hardware keyboard the soft keyboard also closes again.

I haven't got the chance to root it so the phone is comletely stock, I've only installed some apps.

I hope you guys can help me with my new phone :D

Edit: Weirdly, the problem was solved by deleting the user dictionary

I don't see how those can be related but since restarting and removing the calibration profile didn't work I tried it and it doesn't open anymore


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