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can anyone help getting me back to stock

Guest rob77

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I bought the orange san francisco yesterday and flashed sebs froyo rom and everything fine until last night. The screen went a funny colour and is flickering so basically its knackered and needs to go back to argos. Can anyone help me in getting it back to the stock rom and removing clockwork etc? Any help would be greatly appreciated


Edit to say that the screen has a nasty blue shade to it making it unusable. I dont know if this is a problem with the screen or the rom

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Guest monkeyfeatures

This is all in the forum already if you search a bit :D

Short answer is, you can't get it back exactly as it was. You should have tested it for a day or two before you flashed stuff :P

On the other hand you can put back the stock ROM and the people in the shop probably won't look close enough to notice:


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