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Ubuntu & Android merging

Guest arashtarafar

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Eclair is running fine on Omnia 2. Public beta is available from january? There is a dedicated topic to it - I don't really know how You could missed it ;-)

No.I didn't mean Eclair. I've nearly eaten the beta :D

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Arashtarafar, congratulations on your project in Windows 95 emulation in our Omnia 2!:D

It looks like well, but what is working and what not? I suppose that, in Windows 95 there aren´t drivers of WiFi and Bluethoot, Am I correct?

Regards and thanks!

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Hi dear friends...

I might be busy for a few weeks...be back in 1 month!

:unsure: :) :P !!!The love of the ULTIMATE Omna II!!! ;) :o :P

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for now OXIIGEN only runs from internal storage...

ANNOUNCEMENT:Hey! I'm not lost buddies.just busy. I'll put some video tutorials in some days-time.please be kind and leave feedback

in the tutorial thread(that perhaps will be opened)...

very busymad.gif but trying to satisfy everyone... ...wink.gif

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Come on guys, it's not so hard. I have DL it from 4shared with my ridiculous internet connection.

Those of you that ask for screenshots just navigate to the main page that arashtarafar has posted several times and you can see some screen shots there (www.omnia2geek.co.cc).

About my tests, the first two ones ended with kernel panic (rootfs in My Memory-root, rest of files in SD-root). Then I renamed the rootfs file with WM File Explorer (it was all uppercase, I changed it to all lowercase) and everything went ok.

Instead of using my fingers, the las time I booted I used a pointer, and it helps a lot. It works like a charm, and ubuntu desktop is on my phone!

Thank you very much. Now I have to go, but I will test it more throughly this night.


PS. I have been following modaco for a long time and have read some pretty famous threads (e.g., a 120 page one on android that ended not so well). On that android thread people asked for a beta. No one was published and people got mad. Now we have everything right here and people ask for screenshots, ask for mirros, and don't even bother opening the project web page. Sorry for this, I hope people don't get mad on me for saying this. I am just trying to say that we have everything here, it works, come on, try and tell the OP what you think of it.

i still get just kernel panic, and my cpu is on auto

MY STORAGE IS NOT mmcblk1p5 BUT mmcblk1p1, any way to change that?

edit: found solution

method one: Flash WinMo with an MST. This will restore the default partition structure with a 512MB hidden partition as well.

method two: Use any partition tool like MiniTool, Easus or GParted(on linux) and delete all partitions. Then create a fat32 LOGICAL partition.

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