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.lnk file or wm_comand helo for S2P

Guest SsBloodY

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Guest SsBloodY

I am trying to make a .lnk files or by some other way a couple of files that when started the first one plays/pauses S2P, the second one plays next song and the third one is for the previous song. There are such files for Windows Media Player. Can the same be made for S2P and how.

Oh and I Found this in S2P FAQ.

I tried googling Windows Message but I didn't found any good info/

Here is how to control S2P through Windows Message:

Play/Pause: WM_COMMAND, 301

Next: WM_COMMAND, 302

Previous: WM_COMMAND, 303

Volume Up: WM_COMMAND, 403

Volume Down: WM_COMMAND, 404

Fast Forward: WM_COMMAND, 408

Fast Backward: WM_COMMAND, 409

Can this help to make these files

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