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Guest steviesteve

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Guest steviesteve

I love the Tab and Paul's ROM in particular seems to be the fastest, most stable I have tried. Just wondering what games everyone is playing on their Tab?

Currently installed on mine are:

Words with friends - must have but can't wait for a piad for version, the Ads are annoying.

Spaghetti Marshmallow - a nice puzzler to pass the time away.

Reckless Racing - cant get enough of this game, reminds me of an old Amiga game called "Skidmarks"!!!!!!!!!!!! I would have paid twice as much for the full version.

Penguin Skiing - a great freebie and the kids love it.

Fruit Ninja - I'm a newbie but pleased with my 155 high score so far.

All I am missing is a great Osmos clone/variant - I used to have an iPad and this is the one thing I miss :-( Any suggestions?

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Guest waltibaba

I'm playing some of the gameloft games, Gangstar 1 is kinda laggy without OC, having spontaneous extended freezes, though I haven't tried at 1.2 or 1.4Ghz yet. However GT Racing Academy is pretty impressive in terms of realism, graphics, and extent of the game; quite a lot of content there! Also PSone emulators are also ok to play, though the isos take so much space, its a bit of a bang for the buck kind of thing... giving up 700MBs for some of those games are simply not worth it (for me).

For mini games like doodle jump and angry birds I have an SGS, with the Tab I wanna do some proper, serious, PSP-style gaming.

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Guest kuletako327

Pretty much were almost the same at games. But i regularly browse games at market. But for now the games that i have are.

Fruit ninja

caste warriors (fun domination kind of game)

angry birds


hyper jump

air control

cordy (a crash bandicoot-ish kind of game. Very fun and has high graphic content.)

i wish they could invent a fluid beat type of game like dj max portable on psp. Or touch type beat game like in the arcades which pentavision also created. Ü

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