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Get creative and WIN a Core i7 PC, Core i7 laptops or Vega tablets with Advent and MoDaCo!

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Guest MorpheusUK

Hi All,

1st post and make it a lottery, way to go.

Well while I'm here, I'm still waiting on my Vega, got it from fleebay and from the description seems like it's just as good as new, not modded so may have to do something about that.

Really like the forums and this is definitely the place to come for all my Vega needs.

So now I qualify for the Lottery.

Next let's wait for my Vega and see what I can do to enter the next 2 comps, worth a try.

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Guest newbe5
The competition closing date is now extended by 1 month.


Well, while that's a bit disappointing for those of us that have already entered and were waiting for the results to come in, it's a good chance for EVERYONE to come and enter! You don't need to own a Vega people! Use the emulator at the right resolution if you want to test themes etc!

Let's get some damn good entries in the next month!


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