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HOW TOs: Manual Installations

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Sorry guys for the lateness of my replies! I have revised my equally bad post and will upload a newer All-In-One package today!

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i keep getting "cannot change ownership to uid " when i do the

Type in "sudo tar xzvf TEST.tar.gz -C /media/DISK"


i've never used ubuntu before so i have no idea what im doing! could anyone explain to me in simple layman terms please what i'm doing wrong?

I've got an omnia 2 8GB..trying to install beta1 of the froyo..

I've used gparted to partition fat32 6.66GB and ext4 1024mb.

when i do that command in terminal, it keeps on saying "cannot change ownership to....operation not permitted" and finally ends with "exiting with failure status due to previous errors"

Thanks in advance!

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i do everything run haret.exe end of line request_suspend_stat: wakeup ....bla bla always same line

how can i fix this help me please


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1. Install z4root from the market, or use the All-In-One package


5.All in one package for latest Beta 2 build (Highly unstable, recommended not to use)

Included in this build,

1. Rapid81's 3D/2D Library

2. Gruven's CPU patch

3. JIT patch

4. Keys patch

5. Latest updates, 3/3/11, 3/8/11. 3/9/11, 3/19/11 from PHJ.

6. Root, via z4root.

This is FAQ don´t work in Froyo...

How to rooted Froyo...

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