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Vega tweak to get GPS working again

Guest trevor432990

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Guest trevor432990

Not sure if this fits the definition of tweak but here goes .... in the GPS topic I started a while back we encountered a problem whereby when we upgraded from v1.06.5 to the latest ROM/Kernel versions we were no longer able to use external Bluetooth GPS devices with Google Maps or the Car Home apps. They would simply give a 'GPS is Disabled' message and we could get no further.

After much investigation I found out that we could 'tweak' the system into allowing us to use these apps correctly again as follows:-

Downloading and installing a tool called 'GPS OnOff' from Curve Fish on the Market then go to your HOME page and long press on the screen and select Widgets and scroll down to the 'GPS OnOff' tool and select it and position the new icon on your home page. Then follow these steps in sequence:-

1. Turn on the external Bluetooth GPS Receiver and wait until the Green light is steady

2. Start the Bluetooth GPS Provider app (or whichever one you are using)

3. Go to home page and click on the GPS OnOff widget so that it goes to the green/on position

4. Start Google Maps and in menu select 'Directions' and enter the required destination

5. Press Blue Arrow in top righthand side to start Navigator!

This has now given Vega owners the opportunity to continue using GPS with the latest releases of Modaco mods as they are introduced so we can enjoy all the new functionality that they bring whilst continuing to find our way home. :(

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