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Apps not working on 3G Mobile Data

Guest kmckelvin

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I've got an HTC 7 Trophy recently, love it to bits. WP7 rocks :(

One issue I've found however is that certain apps don't connect over 3G and will only work when I'm connected on WiFi?

In particular are the built-in maps, Foursquare and the YouVersion bible software only work on WiFi...

Maps tracks my gps location but no maps load - it does seem to be using data from my data bundle though.

Foursquare doesn't load any places - but does sign into my account

YouVersion just sits waiting for the content to download.

What's weird is that other apps work just fine... Twitter and Facebook work flawlessly on 3G and my phone has no problem receiving mails. I can browse the web using IE on 3G with no problems at all.

I'm in South Africa and logged in on my phone & marketplace using a Windows Live account based in SA - if geography has anything to do with it...

Any ideas of what's going on here?

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It could be just down to the speed of connection and signal strength you have.

I use Outdoor Trekker and have similar issues, maps etc do load but they can take some time is the signal is poor.

Outdoor trekker used to be fine until it had an update.

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Data is definitely being used and my signal's fine on HSDPA, I sat waiting for 5 minutes in a single spot for the map to load and in those 5 minutes about 20mb of my data bundle had been used. That should be more than enough even for maps!

The same applies with Foursquare and YouVersion. These two shouldn't just be downloading bits of XML text which shouldn't need more than a couple of seconds, let alone minutes?

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