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HTC Flyer Pre-Order

Guest bcmobile

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Guest angamb
The Flyer is available for preorder from

Clove Technology for GPB$499 ex-VAT, $599 inc-VAT

Superetrader GBP$574.99 inc-VAT - Bargain!!

No official shipping date as yet.

Shipping mid April according to Clove Technology

Shipping early May according to digitimes

Can't seem to find it on Superetrader website :D

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Guest anita20112011
Are there any highlights of htc flyer?

HTC Flyer do have some highlights

I have just encountered a interesting post

Can HTC Flyer rival The Samsung Galaxy Tab?
from androidcommunity.com this morning. It is about HTC Flyer--the first portable Pad, It is enclosed some equisite pictures to illustrate the contest between HTC Flyer and Samsung Galaxy Tab. you can find out some highlights of HTC Fly from the interesting post.



Share the amzing post with you guys.


EDIT awarner no need to post with large font (returned to normal size)

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