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[ROM] [froyo] Swedish Spring RLS5 [2011-04-19] [OLED+TFT] [Gen1][Gen2]

Guest kallt_kaffe

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Guest kallt_kaffe


This is a custom ROM based on the CSE_P729VV1.0.0B01 (Official Comviq/Tele2 Sweden 2.2 ROM).

The pretty much takes off where we left Japanese Jellyfish.


  • Swedish_Spring_RLS5.zip (120.7Mb system) MD5: C801FDAD511944C9CEE7139E866E160C
  • Swedish_Spring_RLS5_ahb_overclocked.zip (50% AHB bus overclocking at all speeds starting from 480MHz addon) MD5: AC014F569A0A23C6269AEE47F19BBE52
  • Swedish_Spring_RLS4_blueish_kbd.zip (Addon to change orange to blue on G-bread kbd) MD5: 1D3F4DCCAB9D582087E1F1FD553C08A2
  • Swedish_Spring_RLS4_aosp_contacts.zip (AOSP Dailer + Facebook compatible Contacts and ContactsProvider) MD5: CDA054851D8ED97C33FB831AA3525A19
  • Swedish_Spring_RLS4_deskclock.zip (Addon for those who prefer DeskClock instead of AlarmClock) MD5: 353F9B09382ADF6CC85171124FFB5200

    Alternative stock kernels
    • Swedish_Spring_RLS5_comviq_kernel.zip MD5: 99F4A0407B0BA8A69A2029C9186E625A
    • Swedish_Spring_RLS5_softbank_kernel.zip MD5: E6ABF2985F1FDE1C56A356595A74520D

      New in RLS5
      • Kernel now uses gzip:ed initrd to make it easier for other to modifiy
      • Fix for non-responsive touchscreen (on some Blades) by leromarinvit
      • Added AppWidgetPicker
      • Automaticly mounts /cache as tmpfs (ramdisk) if cache partition is less than 20000kb.
      • Updated Maps and No-frills CPU Control to latest versions.
      • Added some more stuff to "Extra settings". Stagefright can now be enabled/disabled but be aware that it is mostly broken so most people should leave everything off. Could be turned on to compare quadrant scores with other builds that have it enabled.
      • Some addons still say RLS4 because they are identical and I have not bothered to rename them.
      • No wipe needed if upgrading from erlier version.
        • Replaced libril-qc-1.so for Gen2 phones with TeliaSonera version. (Comviq version showed Sweden 3G net as "Comviq" and I did not like that.)
        • Replaced ar6000.ko with TeliaSonera version. (Not sure if it makes a difference but it was newer and it works)

          New in RLS4
          • Hardare UI accelleration made default (can be turned off with "Extra Settings"-app).
          • No longer overclocked by default.
          • Uses "ondemand" governor by default again (using smartass governor and overclocking at the same time can make the camera work less optimal)
          • Updated BFQv2 to BFQv2-1
          • Fixed HH.mm -> HH:mm for Dansih, Finnish and Norwegian localizations.
          • Some small tweaks to acpuclock.c (cleaned up overclocking code)
          • Added two lower overclocking frequencies for phones that have stability issues with 652.8MHz.
          • Developed a small app ("Extra Settings") that controls Compcache, USB-Charging and HW UI.
          • Readded swap and compcache support as it can help those with Chinese V880 phones.

            • Supports both Gen1 and Gen2 phones. Use x880 version of Clockwork for Gen2 phones. Will choose the right kernel automaticly during install.
            • BFQv2 added to the kernel (New I/O scheduler): http://algo.ing.unimo.it/people/paolo/disk_sched/
            • Smartass governor: https://github.com/erasmux/hero-2.6.29-flyk...freq_smartass.c (but tuned for the Blade)
            • Overclocked out-of-the-box (max 652.8MHz, min 122.88MHz)
            • Switches to smartass governor after boot is done (boots with performance governor).
            • Changed vm heap size to 32Mb (was 24Mb in RLS2)
            • Included VM Heap tool for easy heap adjustment: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=9095798
            • Included "NoFrills" CPU Control for easy overclocking: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=911917
            • Included Flashlight app: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.a...roid.flashlight
            • Fixed GMail.
            • Changed AHB overclocking addon to overclock AHB allready at 480MHz.
            • Removed lots of debugging from the kernel.
            • Removed swap and compcache support (useless on our 512Mb phones)
            • Features

                [*]Based on official ZTE Froyo ROM from ZTE - CSE_P729VV1.0.0B01 (Thanks to yakideo for the dump)

                [*]Rooted out-of-the-box

                [*]Overclock-enabled kernel with RDS radio support (Thanks Andorko for the RDS support)

                [*]Various extra stuff added in kernel like EXT3, EXT4, CIFS, tun.ko module etc...

                [*]Small enough to fit well within a 128Mb system partition

                [*]Dark Tremors A2SD support built in

                [*]All languages (that has support compiled in) enabled

                [*]Wifi added as a tetherable upstream interface (use phone as a Wifi card substitute)

                [*]Google apps updated to latest versions (GMail, VoiceSearch, Market etc...)

                [*]Andorko's RDS enabled FMRadio.apk included.

                [*]Spare Parts added for extra tweaking (set animations to fast for extra speed)

                [*]and more...


                Use Clockwork Recovery or similar to install the ROM and addons. Remember to Wipe data/cache when installing the ROM (before or after does not matter). No wipe, no whine...

                If you use the aosp_contacts addon you will need to wipe after installing it as join/split contacts won't work if the contacts where synced with the "old" version. Advanced users will find that not a full wipe is needed and wiping the data for the three Contacts apps will do the trick.

                No TPT install file yet but for those who have allready repartitioned to 128Mb system this ROM fits without restoring the original partition layout.

                Important! Users with officiall 2.2 Blades must use Clockwork that is made for Gen 2 phones like the x880 version - If you are unsure about this, consult Mr Pigfish for advice.

                Tips & tricks

                  [*]Use Spare Parts to set animations to "Fast"

                  [*]Overclock with No-frills CPU Control.

                  [*]Consider an alternative Launcher. Launcher Pro is my personal favourite.

                  [*]The aosp_contacts addon replaces Contacts.apk, ContactsProvider.apk and Mms.apk with AOSP versions. You'll loose SmartDialer, get an SMS/MMS app with little less features but you'll get the AOSP Dialer and possibility to integrate your contact list with your Facebook account.

                  [*]Don't trust the battery levels after a flash+wipe until you've run the ROM for a few days. Android needs to learn your battery levels.

                  My kernel sources Note: Unless you know what this means, just ignore everything below this line.

                    [*]Use this git: https://github.com/kalltkaffe/blade-kernel

                    [*]Use arch/arm/configs/swedish_spring_gen1_defconfig for Gen1 phones and arch/arm/configs/swedish_spring_gen2_defconfig for Gen2 phones.

                    [*]For AHB overclocking edit .config

                    Attached files

                      [*]saunalahti_rils.zip - Replaces libcm.so and libril-qc-1.so with Saunalahtis own versions. For Saunalahti users ONLY. Automaticly detects Gen1 and Gen2 phones and installs the correct libs.


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Guest kallt_kaffe
Which kernel is used?

2.6.32 with my overclocking addons. I've tried to match the kernel config with the kernel that came with the rom but kept all the extras from my JJ kernel (like swap, EXT4, CIFS etc...) The stock kernel that came with the original ROM cannot be used on the "old" Blades as the new 2.2 Blades uses different adresses for the kernel and the framebuffer.

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Guest kallt_kaffe
Will this ROM be getting regular updates?

Perhaps. Depends on if it needs updating. I'll try to write a "features list" later when I get more time but as I allready written, it's pretty much the same as JJ RLS9 but built on a more recent base. It has been (re)signed with AOSP platform cert just like JJ so which should help if anyone wants to make themes for it.

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Guest jmm82

Thanks! works like japjelly, but now it support finnish language. Perrrrrfect!!!!!

GBread theme would be nice.

Edited by jmm82
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Guest Baltar

So far, so good. Only a small glitch, it give me an error and automatic restart, when installing Swype, however a second try and everything went fine

Edited by Baltar
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