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[ROM] RC CronosMix HD 2.0.0 [20/03/2011]

Guest C0mpu13rFr34k

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Guest C0mpu13rFr34k

RC CronosMix HD


I have chosen to post this ROM here because on the main forum we do not have many Desire HD users and I wanted to spread the ROM. If you would like to spread it to other forums too I would be very grateful as long as you remember my name :( The main forum and post is here and this is where I will be most active so if you want quick support or just want to support the Cronos community yourself I recommend you go there but I will of course also be supporting and updating here :D


- RC Team and especially capychimp

- stickman89 for some graphics, wallpaper, idea etc.

- Feeyo of course for general help

- he_stheone64's for the modded services.jar that enables transparent dropdown

- CyanogenMod for the wallpaper app which I modified and also the APN list

- El_Nino9 for the stock ROM which I based this on because the RUU absolutely refused to work with me in every single possible way!

- rmk40 for the patched Superuser apk

- The RCS theme for the Advanced Power Menu and the updater-script

- LeeDroid for the kernel!

- mike1986 for some general stuff

- Sergio76 for some tweaks

- Anyone else I forgot (I know I forgot someone?). Please leave a comment, send me a PM here or on XDA and I'll add you ASAP!

About the theme:

The ROM is based on the official RCMix HD release on which the theme is also based on but mostly it contains the Espresso PNGs which means you get original Sense with a blue look. This is more or less a recreation of SenseHero which was made for the HTC Hero and has the most beautiful look (the 1.6 look) you could ever see on a phone IMO! SenseHero was made by stickman89 and he is still developing. You can find his website here?. Development has continued on this and I am now working with capychimp on a special theme/theme + ROM release.

Known bugs:

- Non!


Based on Android 2.2.1

Fully themed

Busybox and busybox run parts

Zipalign on bootup


No boot sound


ADB enabled by default

Some apps moved to data/app

Large APN list

Smooth animations (notification bar) and other XML hacks

Awesome LeeDroid kernel which combines speed, stability and great battery life!

And all the other goodies from RCMix HD



ClockworkMod recovery 3 or above is needed!





MD5SUM: 59504ca11fba66c22bae9a199185f2a4

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Guest C0mpu13rFr34k

ROM changelog


- Changed dalvik heapsize to 32m

- ROM filesystem upgraded to EXT4

- Several performance tweaks (thanks to Sergio76 and the RC Team)

- LeeDroid kernel 2.2.8. Latest changelog:

* The Cleanest build yet!

* Huge code cleanups

* Removed all debugging info

- Feeyo's zipalign script has been added

- Changed default frequency to 1036MHz and default governor to interactive

- All apps updated


- LeeDroid 2.0.2 kernel included

* Available CPU governors - On Demand, Performance, Conservative, Powersave, Userspace, Smartass & Interactive << (If running benchmarks, switch to performance)

* Slightly Undervolted with an OPTIONAL OC up to 1497MHz using Set CPU, free for XDA members

* Default CPU config = Smartass governor @ 245MHz - 1036MHz (only 12MHz above stock

* Increased WiFi Performance whilst "sleeping".

* BFQ, CFQ & Deadline I/O Scheduler's

* GPU+ mod (Improved 2D & 3D Graphics performance)

* Improved WiFi Driver & PM = Fast (in sleep )

* CIFS support & Manager

* Open VPN

* Updated Video & Audio drivers from HTC EVO 4G Speedy source

* Added SLQB Memory allocator

* nls_utf8 built in

* Cleaned up - removed debug info

- All apps updated

- Lots of Feeyo's tweaks added in 30tweaks (speed improvement)

- Tweaks in sysctl.conf (speed improvement)

- New huge CM APN list

- Default wallpaper changes

- Modified browser bookmarks (Google as homepage, crappy bookmarks removed etc.)

- Lots and lots of small things I can't remember because I have done this over a very long time. Normally I wouldn't write this but this time there really are a lot :D

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Guest C0mpu13rFr34k

Theme changelog


- New headers

- Changes to the launcher (Rosie)

- Changes in the clock

- New bootanimation

- New shutdown animation

- All CronoSenseHD graphics and texts changed to RC CronosMix HD

- Transparent app drawer, personalize menu etc.

- New icon for the wallpaper app

- Small patches here and there


- Redone battery icons in 100 steps

- New clock

- Navigation bar refined

- Shutdown/hibernate animations are fixed

- Scenes and skins previews now match the theme

- Common progressbar themed to blue

- Horizontal slider added in Sense home/Rosie

- Phone icon in navigation bar modified

- Pulldown notification thing fixed and modified

- All bugs found have been corrected

- Minor stuff here and there

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Guest melburnian

Very nice ROM, C0mpu13rFr34k..

Going to download and test it out... back soon with feedback. :D

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