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Vega as a class room tool

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Since my compertition entry I have gone and bought one, and am using it as a classrom assessment and registration tool.

Have it set up with an RDP client to the schools thin client and terminal system, allowing me to register, report and check attendence on it strait in the classroom without having to sit at a PC (Most registers are electronci these days so normal a teacher has to stop watching the class to try the register into thier laptop). however I can use it to stay at the front and mark attendence more like an old fashioned mark book.

As we use a moodle based VLE to submit and recivie work I am also able to sit with students, bring thier work strait up on it (Using quick office), allowing me to assess and support the students strait in front of them.

Its going so well the school is now investigating buying a few themselves to send out with the PE department (as they cannot sit at a laptop to do stuff)

I suspect that is all an Unexpected use of the Vega,...

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