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News: We must all be idiots!

Guest mgray76

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Guest mgray76

Article found http://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/incomp...oomed-the-xoom/

Now, I'm sure many of us scratch our heads at the pricing of the Xoom but whatever...this individual is something else!

Some samples

"When Apple products come to market, they are complete. They have a full set of included applications that make them useful, and the key parts that folks are looking for are in them."

Hmm, lets ask those who bought the camera less Ipad about that shall we? Oops, still no Flash, there goes most of the internet... yeah, thats complete!

"Is Android dead on tablets?

So far, yes. Android is part of the problem, because Android OEMs are all livid at Google for poor execution. However, Xoom was mostly the fault of Motorola for bringing a product to market that was incomplete and overpriced. Android phones are, in total, outselling Apple phones at the moment, which suggests they can be competitive (though with lawsuits surrounding Android, probably not profitable)."

So much here... not sure where to begin! The fact that Google allows others to modify, adapt and change their OS, where as Apple...well, we all know how that goes.

Android phones not profitable... Haha! Brilliant...and Apple has absolutely NO lawsuits to worry about at all does it, oh, hang on a minute...

"Wrapping up: Are these folks idiots?

You really have to ask this question, because you would think that a 6-year-old could figure out that you can’t bring out incomplete products" ... unless you're Apple apparently...

Seriously...this guy must surely have posted this as a way to measure just how popular Android is? Ignore the Xoom attack, thats merely a diversionary tactic in his apparent love of the "finished product" of Apple over the "horrible" evolutionary Android.

Wow. Thats all I can say.

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Guest nvkid909

Ahem!.... yes, "insane" is one word which springs to mind :) .

I went through a brief interlude of not having a phone & just using ipod touch & pub wifi. OK, so it's no a phone. But this iOS lark, seriously? It's an OS dumbed down for kids. It leaves me thinking that apple will, in a few years, come out with a phone that has something resembling Leopard (or Snow Leopard... but NOT Lion :) ). My current phone is Defy. When I use the thing, looking at it's UI & it's "dock", it makes me think Android is nearer to Leopard than iOS 4 is. Or maybe Motorola is.

As we're talking smartphones & tablets then I do believe people buy these for internet first, phone second. So at least we can thank iphone for all the "dumbed down" mobile friendly sites that do look good on any smartphone :)

I'm the proud owner of macbook pro & several ipods. But I fear they missed a trick not having a snow leopard tablet. Hell, they could've tried iOS in the macbook air (technically a netbook anyway). I think Android is taking from where apple left off.

Oh, & complete package? I seem to remember many key apps I had to DL myself, not to mention jailbraking. :P

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Guest Stevonator

Woah woah woah woah woah. And woah there.

Right okay, let me compose myself ... Right then I'm ready.

"When Apple products come to market, they are complete. They have a full set of included applications that make them useful, and the key parts that folks are looking for are in them."

That made me seriously angry. In no WAY are apple products complete when they come to market. If it wasn't for us MAKING the apps, then Apple would be screwed ! They are not complete, not in any which shape or form. It's us who do all there hard work, us who give Apple apps to advertise and Apple take all the credit for it !

"Is Android dead on tablets?"

Oh yes now that must explain why there are so many android tablets on the market that people love and only one iPad. Yes Android must be dead. NO it's not! Android is what tablets are made of, Android is the base of every single solitary tablet and phone out there which doesn't have a silly little apple sign on the back. Yes, Android is most certainly friggin dead.

"Wrapping up: Are these folks idiots?"

No xoom are not idiots and neither are we. Xoom are not idiots for making a better machine with a better tablet operating system and not just some friggin overpriced and enlarged iPod Touch. Look ok, when Apple design products they think of one thing. They think of aliminium, slim factor, unibody and an apple logo. When Apple first designed there Apple iPad. They had run out of ideas. They could not think of anything different to put on an iPad apart from the exact same thing we have on our iPod touches.

When Android resellers such as Motorola, Samsung, HTC design products. They think of what they can do to make it there own thing. They are creative, they make many designs and choose the best one. When Android Resellers customize there software, they take the Android system, and rebuild it only keeping the core files. Which makes absolutely every single Android tablet and phone out there unique. And yes we sell our tablets for more then the iPad. And there's a simple explanation to that. There better. Apple have got the market though, they've won the majority over with there flashy adds and aliminium like I said further up. FACT, the 1000 people who bought the xoom were the 1000 people who know what quality is. They bought it because they knew it was better, they knew what Android could do and they didn't follow the sheep and go for the iPad just because it's got an Apple logo on the back and a unibody design. They have no inspiration at Apple. the iPod touch is identical to the iPad it's just smaller !!!

So yes, we are all idiots. We're all idiots because we think of brilliantly different designs for absolutely every Android product out there on the market right now, we're idiots because we put a higher price tag on our tablets only because there better then Apple. We must all be idiots for buying something that we can actually be productive with, something that we know will be updated and will look different unlike the folks at Apple who just use the same designs over and over again.

Apple only price there tablets so low because they know people will buy it when compared to the better Android tablets out there. But the majority of people don't know or don't care about specs, so they will go with Apple because of Flashy adds and an Apple logo. I hate absolutely everything to do with Apple, and I absolutely hate the guy who made that article. If you stop and think for a moment, think about the potential of the Android System. Think about all the minds in 100's of companys working together to make the next best thing. And then think of lonely apple. The same minds making the same thing over and over again. Apple are going to very quickly hit a dead end and people are going to get bored of buying the same thing over and over again.

Android will have it's time, very soon and then everyone will think of Apple and think how cheeky they were manipulating our minds into thinking they've got the best thing in the world. WOW I hate Apple.

Sorry for the length of this post I had a lot to get off my chest.

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Guest Stevonator


That video is gold! And that proves my point that people only buy Apple because it's Apple! They don't care or know about the specs they just want it because it's friggin Apple. God I hate the stupidity of people sometimes :)

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Guest nvkid909

aye, kudos to them for selling product so long based on logo & aesthetics!

but they must have known all along that it couldn't last. they've been beaten at their own game. look at HTC... they used to be terrible, they had poorly built windows smartphones. then along came google & android, with a CHOICE of different models, designs & manufacturers. competition is good! build quality improved, HTC improved (probably because of samsung who always made quality, imo)... now you have desirable products.

i don't believe most of the brand hate or fanboyism, as it's all based on the latest fashion to do so; much of the people slating a particular brand do not even own anything from them! at the end of the day, there are bugs / quirks / +&- points of each, you just find something that works best for you. i will say however that apple are a victim of themselves, they've cut their own nose off to spite their face by doing ONLY what THEY want, & not what the PEOPLE want.

half the trouble with apple aesthetics is that their build quality isn't that great. apple should license their OS to other hardware manufacturers.

NOBODY believes they should be tied to one brand for everything, especially when phones break or are obsolete at the end of contracts. you tend to go shopping. apple would be really stupid if they believe they're the only brand we need if THEIR products break & cause us to go shopping elsewhere! :) :) :( DUHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

come on apple, wake up before it's too late!

sorry apple, you just CAN'T be both the expensive boutique brand AND have mass market appeal (now that there are affordable alternatives with wider choice.... & dare i say it... BETTER BUILD QUALITY!!! . . . . . . so back to the boutique you go!

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Guest macbreakweeklyfan

Having read this laughable mess of infantile explosive expression, and statements which merely reflect angry, outright denial, I would have to surmise that - yes - you are acting like idiots indeed.

~ Angry (check)

~ Defensive (check)

~ Aggressive burts of unwarranted outrage (check)

~ SO busy ranting that they can't form readable sentences with proper grammar and punctuation (check)

Phandroid thread, laughable then, laughable now. Sorry that you don't like Apple, but they seem to be doing rather well.


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