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Galaxy s internal and external sd card problem

Guest kzkankan

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Guest kzkankan

I have a problem with my galaxy s for internal and external sd card. I see these values mention below when I press sd card and phone storage

External sd kart

Total space (unavailable)

Available Space (Un

available )

Mount Sd Card (Format erase sd card - these area is grey

Format sd card - grey area

Internal SD

Total Space (unavailable)

Available space (unavailable)

Format sd card (Format sd card - these area is workşng but doesn't make anything)

Please help me about to use internal memeory (8gb) of my galaxy.

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Guest Atomix86

The "internal SD card" is the internal user space part of the 8GB internal, it is something like 5.6GB due to some being reserved for ROM. However as yours says unavailable, it has probably developed a fault. Are you still under warranty?

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