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turns out it's perfect for bikers!

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Guest jaw90

Found a briliant use for my Vega being a biker :)

Took one Oxford Tank Bag with a see through top for map reading. had to hack away a bit below and sew a sorta shelf in it as it was only designed for a little over an a5 pad.. the whole screen just about fits in the map reader 'window'.

So far, used it for navigation obviously, tethered to my wildfire, as well as hooking it up to the headphones for music or to head the navigation.. Normally I'd say a 10'' screen was overkill as a sat nav, but on the bike I find bigger is better so I can get nice clear directions, find it works great even to get a map up on and scroll the map manually when I pull up, instead of a traditional map where I'd have to take it out, get it soaking wet, pages ripped and all sorts! most useful thing I've unintentially bought for the bike! Can use Skype on it, but havent sussed out if I can use it to make calls via my phone? asking too much?

Also, instead of buying extra radios for when we're out and about, I downloaded Touch to Talk - so over 3g I can have a PTT service to freinds. not ideal as you have to touch the screen to talk but works well enough :)

it's also rediculously helpful to pull over and try to bring up things like parking. Trying to also figure out if I can have a large display of my speed during navigation.. the less time I spend staring down trying to focus on small text like on a normal bike satnav or the speedo, the safer things get :)

bad bits : sometimse can be a bit fiddly to operate through the plastic as it's quite thick, and sometimes it causes the screen to operate involentarily, going to look at a way to get around this by keeping the plastic tight with a gap between it and the screen. Has to be under the plastic that said as I dont fancy my chances of it getting wet.. plus if I have a crash I've probably got a very broken vega!

will post up photos as soon as I can, get a load of people asking what the hell it is lol

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