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Freedom Universal Keyboard?

Guest spytfyre

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Guest spytfyre

I have recently come into the possession of a spare bluetooth keyboard but have had issue with the setup

HTC Desire HD Android 2.2.1

Freedom Universal Keyboard (v1?)

Software driver: KeyPro

I have followed the instructions on the keypro site mymobilegear.com but refuse to pay their registration fee as it says it should work on trial first,

I can see the device in bluetooth and pair with it but it always says Paired but not connected

When I select the KeyPro input methos it displays "Connecting" and gets no further

I also tried the BlueInput software but it couldn't connect either

Any tips on setting up bluetooth with droid 2.2.1 or am I looking to upgrade (and if so how with a non-rooted vodafone contract I don't want to brick)

Cheers :)

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Guest spytfyre

bump and update

I now have a Freedom Universal 2 and same issue

I got in touch with Freedom and they say "the Universals are just too old. Buy a Freedom Pro"

But the KeyPro app shows both Universal and Universal 2 as supported

Pair in bluetooth "but not connected"

Any tips?


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