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help: Call ended - Unable to make/receive calls & texts or browse

Guest Optifiox

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Guest Optifiox

Hi everyone.

I am hoping some one here has experienced or knows how to deal with this problem.

I bought this low-end android phone on ebay a while back (and was charged more than I should have been). I've been using it as anything but a 'phone' in the traditional sense of the word, because of the problem.

Not being conversant with mobile phones, at first I suspected it was something to do with my SIM, I am using a payG T-mobile SIM from my old non-android LG phone. When I insert the SIM, it shows up as being recognized in the 'about phone' section'. My number shows up, T-Mobile status shows up etc, and there appear to be four signal bars most of the time, but I cannot make or receive any calls.

As soon as I call, I recieve a 'call ended' message, even if it is an emergency number. Also when I call the phone from another line my call goes to answerphone. I can't send or receive messages either with it, nor browse using mobile network. Initially I tried contacting the ebay seller but he claims it was working fine with him and that the phone has been unlocked to work on all networks.

Does anyone know what the problem could be? I've been looking for a solution on different forums and I came accross someone with a similar problem on a different phone but it wasn't very helpful in the end.

I've tried inserting different SIMs but I get the same problem.

What I have noticed though is that when I try to change certain settings on the network and call options, I get a 'Network or SIM error.'

I would really appreciate any advice or suggestions.

Thank you.

BTW, the problem was there with Android 1.6,as well as 2.1 and now with 2.2.

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