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How to unbrick my dead boot Desire HD

Guest Sleipnir

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Guest Sleipnir

Hey Geeks,

I need some help and I bet that you could help me!

I ve used the search engine to not post anything someone did before. But there was nothing that could help me.

First I ll describe you what I ve done to brick my Desire HD:

My phone is rooted, S-OFF, ENG S-OFF with CM 7. After installing the new ROM I wasn`t able to install anything from the amrket. So I ve looked up for the reason and tried different things to sovle it. I ve read somewhere that it could help to add a partition to my SD-card. So I ve used the ROM Manager to format my sd card and create a partition.

ROM Manager asked me if I am sure bla bla... you know what I mean. After giving ROM Manager su-permission my phone shuts down. From there on nothing happened. (and still no patition on my sd card).

It`s not reacting to the power button, to the volume-down + power button nor is blinking my LED when I connect it to the USB-Port. Seems like it`s out of energy (but my akku was charged before I ve stzarted with the partition of my sd card).

I ve tried to put out the akku for several minutes. No reaction.

Removing SD-Card before pushing the power button: No reaction

Plug in to charge battery without hitting any button... some hours later: still no reaction

Formating SD-Card: No reaction

Then I ve tried to install the RUU 1.32., saved it on my sd-card, plugged phone in to start... my pc is not detecting my phone.

And now I am helpless :)

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Guest Sleipnir

I was looking through forums all night long and found several pplo with the same problem as I have. Maybe some of you have seen my post on XDA-Forum too...

I ll give my device to htc this evening. Hopefully I ll get a new one. best case in worst case :)

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