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GPSOne driver needed

Guest rOzzy

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Guest rOzzy


I've recently got an LG Fathom and it is working great except for the GPS. Since it is a Verizon device, GPS data is encrypted (hopefully within the driver).

Since I use it outside the US, Verizon navigator is not an option for me.

I know there is a thing called Valhalla GPSServer, but I couldn't find a way to make it work. I hope that if I replace the original driver files with files from another device's ROM with the same chip and OS (SnapDragon QSD8x50, WM6.5.3 23127) I could make it work with iGO (That's why I created this topic here). or anything else than VZ Nav.

I'd be happy if somebody could upload the GPS related files from the \Windows folder with the same chip and OS. (Maybe a GPS related registry dump too) I think the OS build/version might not be that important.

the files I think would help:





Any other help is appreciated.

Thank you

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