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gt540 ...Have i bricked the phone

Guest fickleama

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Guest fickleama


the phone had actually been successfully flashed using this guide ...


worked fine, but then one day recently i accidentally deleted all the files on the sd card whilst trying to do something else, so wondered what to do. I thought if i just went through the process again it would regenerate/replace those files in the process.

So I reflashed the phone with KDZ and went to continue boot into fastboot mode and felt it vibrate (no LG symbol tho) to go on with CyanogenMod install via CMD but at stage 2 - that's - 'fastboot.exe -w'. it says waiting for device... and thats it, I suppose the device never responds. it'll vibrate in response to holding down on button or cam +on etc but does not light up. PLS help, i'm so silly! i bought this as my dads birthday present and seems to have actually broken it myself!

ANY help would be greatly appreciated.

THANK U in advance.

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