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3G connection from T mobile G2 touch (HTC hero)

Guest lynnd

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Guest lynnd

Has anyone managed to get a G3 connection from a T mobile G2 touch (HTC hero) running droid 2.1 without rooting the phone?

Bluetooth shows paired but not connected. No profiles are showing. Tried pdanet, but can't find the corresponding app for the tablet. There is no wireless teher option on the phone and I can't find one that dosen't need rooting,

Tried wireless tether, but this needs root.

I managed to get a G3 signal using the bluetooth link to an old windows mobile.

Had the eee pad for 11 days now and love it. Did anyone really expect honeycomb to work perfectlly considering the race to get the tablets out. Well done ASUS in getting as much right as you have. Can't wait for the keyboard and HC to settle down.

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